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Happy Mother's Day

First off, thank you Lauren for sharing our story..  


My name is Kelly, and my husband’s name is Al.  We were married July 14, 2012, and on that day our journey began.  We knew we always wanted to have children, and tried for a few years to have one biologically.  I had always longed to be a mom, and when you see all of your friends having babies, you are happy for them, but you also feel a little sorry for yourself.  You are thinking to yourself, “why am I not getting pregnant?”  It took a toll on me emotionally.  During that time, we saw a fertility doctor, and were told that we should be able to have children.  I was prescribed clomid, and we tried IUI once.  Clomid did not agree with me.  I tried acupuncture as well.  In 2014, my dad was put on a heart transplant list, and miraculously about 5 weeks later, got the call to receive a new heart.  It was an extremely emotional time, and through that experience my faith in God grew even stronger.  This surreal experience made us come to the realization that we did not want to force anything through medical procedures or medicine.  We wanted our path to be different.  With that, in 2016 we went through the process to be approved for adoption.  I always wanted to adopt, and over the years Al and I talked about it as something we’d love to do together, and at that time it just felt right.  We were ready for whatever our path was going to be, whether it be a biological child, adoption or both.
Fast forward to October 2018.  We had an opportunity that fell through, but as we went through it, in our hearts something was telling us that it was not right.  We were disappointed, but OK.  On a random weekend in November, my parents came to visit.  They do not visit often because of work, but something was telling them to do so.  My mom and I had a fun Saturday together doing mother/daughter things.  We talked about what it is like to be a mom, becoming a mom and the joys of motherhood.  At the same time, we were updating our adoption book, and had just finished it, and were going to send it to be printed that evening.  But God had different plans.  Around 2 PM Sunday, we got a call from our social worker.  I was surprised they were calling on a weekend, and when I answered, they asked if Al was home.  They also said to put it on speaker phone.  It hadn’t hit me yet.  They said, ‘we have some news…are you ready to be parents?  Because a little girl was just born, and the birth parents chose you.”  We all started balling our eyes out.  My mom said, “I knew there was a reason we were supposed to visit this weekend”.   We had to quickly pack, throw our stuff in the car and head to the hospital.  We were in the hospital with her for 3 days, and it was exciting, happy and scary.  She was the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen, and we quickly grew attached to her. 
The third day was the most nerve wracking, waiting for confirmation that the birth parents had made the final decision to sign the documents to allow us to adopt her.  When we got the news that they did, it was the most amazing combination of relief, happiness and joy.  When we left the hospital, looking in the backseat to see her sitting in her car seat was so surreal. 
I remember sitting in a movie theatre watching, Collateral Beauty, and at that time we had been waiting for about a year.  I heard this quote, “your children don’t have to come from you, they go through you.”  That moment solidified our decision even more and made me so excited and happy.
The pathway to motherhood is different for everyone, and definitely not always easy.  Just keep the faith.  Everyone has a different journey, and this was ours.



LP's Nursery Picks & Finds

Hi Guys! So excited to start these new P&F's for you, I'll be adding these all throughout the year. Above you'll find a variety of gender neutral picks I curated and the finds I gathered for the perfect desert vibe nursery. 

Here are the links to the Picks above:

Keep Growing Collection  ( swaddle set & crib sheet)

Over The Rainbow ( Pillows & Car Seat Canopy) 

Safari Party ( Crib sheet & blanket) 

Desert Dreams ( Milestone blanket and changing table cover )





JeffLo Wedding

Hi Everyone,
I've wanted to write this blog post for almost a year now :) And finally I thought today was the perfect day. My engagement was truly the most magical night, I had ZERO clue this was happening. The fact that he pulled it off without me knowing is a win all on it's own. 
So typically you have about 36 hrs of engagement bliss then all of a sudden you start getting the... "How lovely, When is the wedding?" or my favorite" I better be getting invited" lol you want to have everyone you know there but sometimes the venue may have a max or your budget may have a max ( but that's a whole other post). 
You go from staring at your hand all day long to starting pin boards of endless wedding inspo. that's the fun part but, now you have to find the vendors that have these things or can make them for you. Don't get stuck on what you find on Pinterest, visit your local vendors and first take a look at what they have in stock and start getting creative.
Invitations.. I had just recently fully designed and illustrated a children's book for my sisters then unborn baby girl. I had the grand idea of then making my invitation an 8 page wedding magazine. I based my engagement shoot to be more contemporary and editorial so it would make sense. till this day I have guests that still have their magazine on display or put away because they can't bring themselves to throw it away. hehe 
Magazine  inquires

 Ceremony... I myself, saw an Instagram post of a wedding and I loved the ceremony stage so I knew I was going to have to have something like it built on site.  

My wedding planner Jackie Ohh, sent me over to Gilded Group Decor. They took this sketch and day of built it on site. I can't lie, I was so nervous not being able to see the structure before the wedding day. In the end, everything worked out thankfully! 
Escort cards... it's something so small unless you make it big :) So we made it big. (lol) I had Gilded Group also build be a wall where the escort cards would be going on. I found this photo on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea. I'm a professional google searcher, I will legit google something for hours until I figure it out or find a solution. I wasn't able to the exact hang tags but they were pretty similar. I then contracted one of my favorite calligraphers ( she happens to be Miami based) to hand write my escort cards. I even got to pick them up from her home studio. Which was great because I think I finally got them 2 days before the wedding. So much can change in the time so I was able to add some last minute guests and they were able to have their beautiful hand written tag like every other guest. 
These were the inserts I added into the hanging tags
Fun Fact: Do you see the slice in my nail?! that's from the paper cutter from cutting table numbers. 
Menus... They can usually be just a 5x7 or 9x4 card with your standard menu. I had a small issue.. My venue was grand but the area where the reception was going to take place was not. I had to fit more people to a table which then affected the table setting. I wasn't able to  add chargers. ( the decor plate under your dinner plate) So my solution was making the menu's like a charger. I wanted to do them on clear acrylic and paint the edge gold, also tried wood but that was also pricey. I searched everywhere and finally came to the conclusion that I was going to have to make these. I searched for the perfect backing to give the menus the weight so they wouldn't blow away, the strudiness so it felt like a plate should go on top and the size. I ended up printing 11x12 menus in black ink then foiling them myself at home ( this took two full days of none stop foiling all day with a few visitors and helpers). I then found chip board mailers in that same size and attached them together. They turned out perfect :)) exactly what I wanted.  
Flowers... Ok you guys I need to be honest I was not ready for how much flowers were at the time. BUTTTTT the moment I drove up to the venue and saw my florals I started to almost cry!! It is such a mood setter and a MOST important detail. Finding the right florist is so difficult normally (I've heard horror stories) but in my case It was a family friend so I was extremely lucky. He is so talented and saw my vision and totally delivered. A lot of people like to say " Why would I spend so much money on flowers that will die in a few days?" I say " Well, They are alive and well in the pictures I look at everyday!" haha
Midnight snack (I feel like this is super important and sometimes overlooked) ... Every wedding that I've been too that provides a midnight snack is winning in my book. Look, everyone is drinking and the last thing you want to do is end up at a drive thur. My husband actually found this one ( gotta give my credit!) .. It's one of his personal customers and he had heard he started a truck version and he thought it would be perfect for the wedding. You guys we served fresh artisan wood fire pizza at midnight WINNINGGGG! the line was all the way to the dance floor. I'm also going to keep this in mind for a birthday party or something it was a hit! 

 Planning a wedding is no joke! and can sometimes be the most stressful! I was never the girl how had her dream wedding picked out before it even happened, or had a clue where it would be or how much things would be. the most important ( even more important than pizza) is staying organized. I can't stress it enough.. I legit had a full on shareable google excel sheet where I laid out everything. Vendor, quoted price, actually price paid and deadlines for payments. I tried to stay very organized with an excel sheets. Whats's really great is google docs, I used gmail for my wedding email. I then shared the excel sheet with my parents so everyone knew what was spent, where, what was owed etc. After all was said and done I stayed under budget by $563 dollars (YAY!) lol 

Another great tip is adding in the extras closer to the date.. I waited until 5 days before the wedding to book my violinists, which I ended up loving and so happy I added! They played hotline bling as the guest walked in and played during our ceremony and cocktail hour. They were from the Miami Symphony Orchestra and totally recommend them.

Whether you're planing your wedding, birthday or any large event I hope this vendor list can help make your selection easier :) 

 Vendor List: 

Venue: Deering Estate

Florist: fiori and leaves

Calligraphy Artist: Papel & Co.

Decor: Gilded Group Decor

Pizza Truck: Spris Pizza

Wedding Planner: Jackie Ohh

Videographer: Miguel Ocque

Catering: Delicious Catering

Violinist: Miami orcashra 

Magazine, Menus, Custom cups : LP original

Wedding Cake: Ohh My Sweetness

Hair & Make up: Vavavoom Artistry

Photo Booth: Capture Pod

Photographer: UDS

Priest: Eddie Rodriguez

Entertainment and best hype man ever: Sarz entertainment

Wedding Planner: jackie Ohh









Beauty Tricks and Tips

There's a secret those big name companies don't want you to know..
It all started when I had an issue with my own hair and how often I had to wash it. I have thin and very oily hair, I would have to wash it everyday. I was using two different dry shampoos at the time ( not at the same time lol ), both found at CVS, publix, any farmstore. I even shared one on my instagram story a few months back because I loved it the first few times I had tried it. My mom then saw this said post and immediately told me to stop using it. She had noticed after using the same dry shampoo her hair felt and looked thinner. So being a woman, she searched for some reviews... boy did she find them. I was shocked and STILL used it once more afterwards because my hair was soooo oily I couldn't take it. I knew I had to come up with a new solution, a healthier solution. 
So I did.
Corn Starch!!!!!
just good ol' corn starch that's in your kitchen right now!

Mug available HERE

Here's the part where poopy diapers comes in to play lol... My sister only uses corn starch for baby Sophia's bum. We would never use any form of baby powder ( seriously just don't ever use it on your baby or yourself ). Corn starch is all natural and soaks up all and any moisture in your hair and wait it gets better... If you have highlights and dark roots this is another GREAT solution for a quick and real fix to lighten them up a bit ( it really does work!! ).

What you need: 

An LP 15oz mug :) 
A clean blush brush
( I recommend a stiffer brush for better blend in )


Dip the brush, then tap the side of the cup to dust some off. Afterwards brush all throughout your hair until desired look. 

My Go-To Tricks

1. Beauty blender carrying / travel case
Plastic Easter egg shell
2. Non-greasy Eye Make up remover
Coconut oil
( love this! just find a cute jar for it so you don't use the one from the kitchen lol )  
3. Cyst pimple remover
Apple cider
( smells weird but works like a dream.. apply every night and day with a Q tip until it's gone) 

Sweet Tooth Tamer

can't say I'm surprised my first post would be about something really SWEET! I get a lot questions about some of my favorite low calorie (well, as low as we can go lol) late night snacks or desserts. So I decided to show you one of my favorite go-to's when that sweet tooth kicks in. It's so simple and delicious I hope you enjoy! 


1 bag     Pop-secret 100 cal ( I love the kettle corn version but the butter is just as delicious)  
2 tsp    Hershey's chocolate syrup lite (I also love t mix this with warm almond milk) 
2 tsp   Confetti Sprinkles (can be substituted for dark chocolate chips or peanut chips or crushed pistachios or almonds .. yum!)
1 LP original Mug ... haha got ya! no but 
This adorable Mug 15oz (you read right 15oz) is now available on the shop HERE. It's the perfect gift and dessert idea while getting ready for the big day. So all together it's under 200 calories dessert and it keeps you entertained (and in your wedding dress) while you're watching your favorite show. Its all about find food that you can truly enjoy. :)