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How do I order a custom... Well, anything? 
- The item will have "Custom" in the description. Right now custom projects are on a larger scale for events and corporate. 
What's the difference between personalized and Custom? 
- A personalized print is only a name change from the product photo you see. while a custom print is something you have full control over and get to chose the items you want added into your design.
Is there a limit to design ? 
- there is always a limit to everything lol but I really try to be as fair as possible and add as much in as possible.

How do I add the "Gift Option" to my order?

-You will find this option during checkout as one of the shipping methods.

How long does a custom order take? 
- Depends on the item ? Depends on availability of my time for custom projects and depends on the amount of items for the design. Usually a custom blanket can run 2-4 weeks, that includes the back and fourth of ideas and drafts. 
How do I send you what I want for my order?
- Once you've placed your order you can email the pictures with a description of how you want it laid out ( if you a vision if not I can take the lead )
Do you have a Store front or studio?
- Right now I don't, But I do have a selection of my collection at Blacc Boutique in Main street, Miami Lakes. 
Do you offer Wholesale?
-Yes! And we would love to hear from you!