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Sweet Tooth Tamer

bride desserts low calorie popcorn

I can't say I'm surprised my first post would be about something really SWEET! I get a lot questions about some of my favorite low calorie (well, as low as we can go lol) late night snacks or desserts. So I decided to show you one of my favorite go-to's when that sweet tooth kicks in. It's so simple and delicious I hope you enjoy! 


1 bag     Pop-secret 100 cal ( I love the kettle corn version but the butter is just as delicious)  
2 tsp    Hershey's chocolate syrup lite (I also love t mix this with warm almond milk) 
2 tsp   Confetti Sprinkles (can be substituted for dark chocolate chips or peanut chips or crushed pistachios or almonds .. yum!)
1 LP original Mug ... haha got ya! no but 
This adorable Mug 15oz (you read right 15oz) is now available on the shop HERE. It's the perfect gift and dessert idea while getting ready for the big day. So all together it's about 250 cal dessert and it keeps you entertained (and in your wedding dress) while you're watching your favorite show. Its all about find food that you can truly enjoy. :)